Font frenzy


– So I’ve found this really funky font for ‘Festival’. It’s called Handel Gothic, which sounds really trad, but it’s really super cool. And I’ve got this awesome Illustrator brush, let’s build a big swirl that goes round the F and through all the letters. 

– That’s mega! And you know what? How about we make the F out of the same brush. 

– Awesome! Now how about the second word?

– Well, we can’t use the same font again. How about Avant Garde? That sounds, you know, really cool. 

– Sure thing. Let’s make the A really big, so it stands out. 

– Hmm. It doesn’t really look, you know, Asian, the way Festival does. 

– No problemo. I’ll stick a yin yang in the middle, that’ll do it. 

– Awesome, dude! You’re a really inspired designer. 

– Thanks bro. I’ll leave it to you to do the rest of the text. Just make sure you don’t use any of the fonts we’ve already used, that would be boring. 


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