And another thing…

GOT A COMPLAINT? Good. Then make it. After all, no-one wants to be treated like a doormat. The ability to complain is a fundamental human right.

But if you do complain, either by phone or by email or in person, then just complain about one thing. Keep your complaint short and to the point. That way, the person or company to who you’re complaining will know exactly what the issue is.

Here’s the other approach, which people use far too often:

I want to complain about this steak.

I’m sorry, madam, I’ll change it for you.

Also, we ordered it 20 minutes ago and it arrived long after the salmon my friend ordered.

I’m sorry, madam –

And the cutlery’s dirty.

I’m sorry –

And there’s no soap in the Ladies’.

I’m –

And I really wanted the lobster, but you’ve run out.

I –

And this table’s wobbly.

See the problem? Complain about everything and you just come across as the sort of person who complains about everything. Your original complaint is watered down by each subsequent niggle.

Complain about just one thing, and your complaint will be listened to.

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